Beaches around Mesta

Avlonia Beach Apothika BeachMavra Volia BeachKomi beach

Near Mesta in a radius of 4-5km you can find some of the best beaches in the island. These are mostly pebble beaches with crystal clear waters, natural surrounding and with minimum to none human intervention.

These are the characteristics of Avlonia and Apothika beach.
Avlonia pebble beach has crystal clear waters and sits within a beautiful rocky setting.

Apothika is longer in size and it’s a black pebble beach with clear waters. Both beaches are ideal for relaxation, swimming and scuba diving due to the rich seabed and the lacy rocky surroundings.

Another amazing beach is Merikounda beach where you can enjoy laying on the black sand, playing with the waves and admiring the beautiful seabed.

Didima beach consists of two twin beaches with white pebble and green waters. In Didima you can relax, swim and even engage in some fishing.

Agia Dinami beach has a very different landscape than the other beaches. It’s located a little further away from Mesta, about 6 km and near the medieval village of Olimpi. Agia Dinami is unique for its green-blue waters and the white sand.

One of the most popular beaches on Chios Island is the beach of Mavra Bolia (or Black Pebbles beach). The black pebbles of the beach occurred from volcanic activity in the area. More specifically the beach is composed of three consecutive beaches with deep dark blue waters and endless view in the sea. The mountainous landscape is very overwhelming and always leaves visitors with a sense of admiration and astonishment. It’s definitely a place you have to visit when you come to Chios.  In the vicinity you can find restaurants and taverns where you can enjoy fresh fish and local dishes.

Komi is the most cosmopolitan beach in the Island of Chios. It is a long sand beach organized with umbrellas and beach chairs. There many restaurants, cafes and bars to satisfy every taste.