Food & Drink

The brilliant places for those who are inspired by the past, those who always invest in good taste and look for exceptional moments.

Travel to Mesta the 14th century medieval village, get yourselves lost in the narrow lanes,meet friendly people and new habits.

Stay at the Medieval Castle suites, enjoy the warm hospitality ,relax and feel like "a knight from the medieval ages"

Ηave your breakfast lunch or private romantic "dinners for two" at the IRIS restaurant.

Have a cup of cappuccino at MAONA cafe at the central square, at the place where the first members of Maona created their company.

Refresh and  enjoy yourselves with  the taste and flavors of the ice creams at ROULIS at the square of Mesta

We thank a lot, all those who have come to Mesta and enjoyed our services.
We are waiting for you ! You will feel like a native in no time!