Mesta Local Stores

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While you are wandering around the alleys of Mesta you will come across a couple of hand made pottery. You can admire the unique designs and colors and also observe the artists in the creation of their works. There are two pottery stores in Mesta, one by the village square and another right outside the walls of the castle. You might also be interested in hand made textiles created by the traditional loom. There is a beautiful textile store right in the village of Mesta. There are also small stores where you can buy little souvenirs and silverware. It’s also worthwhile to visit the traditional product store where you can find traditional sweets, home made honey, local wines, hand made pasta and many more. And when your promenade comes to an end and you need a place to rest, you can consider dining in one of the local taverns or enjoying a cup of your preferred coffee or even refreshing with a cone of soft ice cream.