The New Archangels Church or "Megalos Taksiarhis" in Mesta

New Archangel ChurchNew Archangel ChurchNew Archangel Church

The church is dedicated to the the Archangels Michael and Gabriel. The locals refer to the church as “Megalos Taksiarhis” (the big Archangels Church), in order to distinguish it from the older temple in the village.

The temple is located on the grounds of the preexisting castle tower. After the Genovese left the island and during the Turkish occupation the tower was left abandoned. The locals of Mesta decided its demolition and erection of a church in its place. The works lasted 10 years and the church was completed in 1868.
The temple with its barton takes up an area of 985.5 m2 (or 10,608 ft2), while the building itself takes up an area of 450 m2 (or 4,844 ft2). “Megalos Taksiarhis” Church is the biggest church in Chios and one of the bigger ones in Greece. 
On the outside of the church there is a double staircase leading to the bell tower.  Both the staircase and the bell tower made out of the stone of Thimiana. Thimiana is a village of Chios known for its reddish stone. Later on though the stone parts were replaces by local stones of Mesta.  The staircase leads to the courtyard of the church decorated by pebble made designs, a common characteristic of Chios architecture. To the right of the courtyard the staircase leads to the seraglio. At the narthex location of the church you can see a part of the preexisting tower that was demolished; the water basin or known by the locals as “fountana”.
The existing chancel screen was built in 1895 and it is made out of bricks. The two Archangel icons decorating the screen are those from the Old Church.
There is no doubt that the New Archangels Church is a representative sample of the post-folklore architecture of Chios Island.