The old Archangel Church of Mesta

Old Archangel Church MestaOld Archangel Church Mesta

If you visit Mesta in Chios one of the interesting sites to see is the old Church-Monastery of Archangel Michael and Gabriel “Palios Taxiarhis” of Mesta. In the New Church of Archangel Michael and Gabriel there is a tour guide that will escort you to the old church. This is just one more traditional and historic landmark that adds to Mesta’s medieval architecture.

It is very possible that the old church is one of the oldest Christian churches of the North Aegean. The actual date it was constructed is not exact however, it is documented back to about 1412 A.D. and it existed as a Christian Monastery. The entrance to the church is on Kasoula Street inside the traditional village of Mesta. One of the most interesting architectural parts to see is the Main entrance of the old monastery. Inside the church you will see the wall painted icons and the exquisite façade of the altar which is carved by hand of one piece of wood and dates back to about 300 years. It is hand crafted woodwork of the life of Christ from birth to the crucifix.