medieval castle suitessuites

Medieval Castle is a complex consisting of 20 suites scattered inside Mesta, a medieval village on the island of Chios. Your stay in any of these suites will certainly be a memorable experience, combining all modern facilities with the experience of living in a village which has been lively and continually inhabited since the Middle Ages. So staying at the Medieval Castle you will be feeling as if you had be living in Middle Ages but without being deprived of modern amenities.

Every suite a t the Medieval Castle has been well-cared to the smallest detail. All the houses in the village of Mesta have a similar architectural structure but each one is a separate unit adapted to the specific space. Each suite is unique but at the same time similar to the others. What all suites have in common is the excellent service. In addition to the carefully-chosen and comfortable furnishings, a telephone, a T.V. , a fax and if desired a computer and Internet are provided. You may have breakfast either in a small specifically designed room inside the building of reception or at the picturesque small restaurants on the village square,open during the day and night.